International development; Egypt; Africa; Middle East; MENA; Dcode EFC;


Dcode EFC uses an inclusive approach which takes social, political, financial, regulatory, gender and institutional requirements needed for sustainable solutions into account. The development consulting arm supports our clients from the planning to implementation phases of developmental initiatives, projects and policies. 


Our previous work experience includes developing monitoring and evaluation plans, laying out investment policies for development funds, conducting sectorial analysis with a focus on labor force, analyzing value chains for the purpose of designing developmental interventions while studying cost-benefit analysis and national strategies.

The department’s biggest asset is its team of staff and consultants who have a passion for development and experience in varying fields. If the assignment requires, Dcode EFC brings experts on-board to ensure optimal results. Currently, Dcode EFC has a team of non-exclusive consultants with local, regional and international experience. Given Dcode EFC’s in-house capacity and wide international and national consultants database, we ensure the option of reaching out to the most qualified consultants in different fields, including:

1. Macroeconomic policies, counting fiscal and monetary policies,

2. Business-enabling environment, comprising overall private sector development policies, SME and entrepreneurship policies, value chains and property rights,

3. Social policies/strategies,

4. Financial sector development,

5. Trade policies,

6. Gender,

7. Environment.