• Egypt Economic Outlook- June 2018

    Projections for Egypt’s key macroeconomic indicators over the medium-term, and comprehensive assessment of the political economy setup.

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  • Key Highlights of the IMF’s 3rd Review

    On July 2nd, 2018, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) published the results of the third review under the Extended Fund Facility (EFF).  The review results not only presented the IMF’s assessment of Egypt’s progress with economic reforms and measures, but also, more importantly, shed light on the government’s policy agenda, reform priorities and implementation limitations.

  • Egypt’s Balance of Payments Performance in Q4 2017/18

    Egypt’s net Balance of Payments inflow has decreased by 33.4% in Q4 2017/18 (Apr-Jun 2018) to record a net inflow of USD 1.8 bn; compared to a net inflow of USD 2.7 bn in Q4 2016/17 (Apr-Jun 2017).

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  • On Egypt’s Exchange Rate Management: An imminent devaluation?

    In this brief, we explore the potential effect of this capital flight on the local forex market. We update our forecast of the exchange rate path considering recent developments in EMs and the accelerated hot money outflow. 

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